1 /raIt/ adjective
1 TRUE/CORRECT based on true facts; correct: Is that the right time? | Yes. $6.47 is the right answer. | New research has proved their theories right. | be right about: You were right about the party - it was awful. | half right (=partly but not completely right): Well, you're half right - he's not actually an actor, but he does work in the theatre.
2 CORRECT/NORMAL in the position, order or state which is correct or where something works best: This diagram's not right! | put sth right (=change something so that it is correct or works properly): You'll have to call a plumber to put the machine right.
3 that's right spoken
a) used to agree with what someone says or to answer `yes' to a question: “Is this Piccadilly Circus?” “That's right, mate.” | “...and before you know it, it's too late.” “That's right, that's right.”
b) used when you are telling someone that you are angry about what they are doing: That's right! Just go out and leave me to do the dishes as usual!
4 SIDE (only before noun)
a) concerning or belonging to the right side of your body, which has the hand that most people write with: Raise your right arm. | My right shoe pinches.
—opposite left 1 (1)
b) on the same side of something as your right side: Take the next right turn. | the right bank of the river
—opposite left 1 (2)
5 SUITABLE most suitable for a particular occasion or purpose: This is definitely the right decision for the company. | be right for/be the right person for: Floella is the right person for that job. | be right for sb/be the right person for sb (=to be a suitable partner for someone): Elaine and Stu are so right for each other!
6 MORALLY an action that is right is morally correct: right to do sth: Do you think I was right to report them to the police? | It can't be right to keep lying to your husband. | it's only right (=anything else would not be right): It's only right that the children get an equal share. | it is right that: I think it's right that the people who work hardest should earn the most.
—opposite wrong 1 (4)
7 TOTAL (only before noun) BrE spoken used to emphasize how bad someone or something is: He sounds like a right idiot! | Don't go in there, it's a right rip-off. | right royal (=extremely special in a way that is suitable for a king, queen etc): a right royal welcome
8 things are not right used to say that there are problems connected with a relationship or situation: Things haven't been right between Carl and me for a while now.
9 be in the right place at the right time to seem to always be in the place where something useful becomes available or is being offered: Being a news photographer is all about being in the right place at the right time.
10 HEALTHY spoken healthy: I haven't been feeling right all day. | put sb right (=make someone feel healthy again): A week's rest will put you right again.
—see also: put sb right/straight put (15)
11 not right in the head/not in your right mind usually humorous crazy: If he thinks he can get to the Olympics, he's not in his right mind!
12 (as) right as rain informal completely healthy, especially after an illness: The doctor says I'll be as right as rain in a couple of days.
13 SOCIALLY BrE the right people, places, schools etc are considered to be the best or most important: Sonia's always careful to be seen with the right people.
14 right you are/righto/righty ho BrE spoken used to agree with what someone is saying or telling you to do: “Shut the door, will you?” “Righto.”
15 am I right in thinking (that) spoken used when you think that something is true, but you are not completely sure: Am I right in thinking that you come from Australia?
16 BrE used to get someone's attention so that you can tell them something: Right! Open your books on page 16.
17 BrE used to say you are ready to do something: Right, let's go!
18 especially BrE used to say `yes' to a suggestion or order: “Come over tomorrow.” “Right, OK, see you then.”
19 used to agree with what someone says: “I mean, why shouldn't she go out with him if she wants to?” “Yeah, right.”
20 used as a question to ask if what you have said is correct: We're leaving at 10.30, right?
21 used to check that someone is understanding what you are saying: So I went into the bar, right, and I saw the manager, right, and I said......
2 adverb
1 right at/behind/in front of exactly in a particular position or place: She was standing right in the middle of the room. | There's the house, right in front of you.
2 IMMEDIATELY immediately and without any delay: right now/away/after: I'll find the address for you right away. | It's on right after the 6:30 news. | right off the bat AmE (=without much thought): Kay wrote the answers down right off the bat.
3 CORRECTLY correctly: We guessed right - they'd already gone.
4 DIRECTION/SIDE towards the direction or side that is on the right: Turn right at the crossroads.
—opposite left 2
5 right along/through/into/around etc all the way along, through etc: Go right to the end of the road. | I haven't read the book right through yet.
6 be right behind sb spoken to completely support someone in their ideas or in what they are trying to achieve
7 I'll be right with you/right there spoken used to ask someone to wait because you are coming very soon: “Lunch is ready!” “I'll be right there.”
8 be right up there (with) informal to be as good or as important as the very best: As far as I'm concerned he's right up there with Bob Dylan.
9 right, left and centre BrE right and left AmE everywhere or in every way: We're losing money right, left and centre.
3 noun
1 ALLOWED (countable usually singular) if you have the right to do something you are morally, legally, or officially allowed to do it: right to do sth: We have a constitutional right to defend ourselves. | Everyone should have the right to live in peace. | be within your rights (to do sth) (=be morally or legally allowed to do something): You'd be well within your rights to take him to court. | as of right formal (=because it is their right): Every shareholder will receive an invitation as of right.
2 have a right to be annoyed/upset/angry to have a good or understandable reason for being annoyed, upset etc: You had every right to be angry with them.
3 have no right to do sth used to say that someone's actions are completely unreasonable or unfair: You have no right to treat us like this - we are innocent.
4 the right
a) the side of your body that has the hand that most people write with, or this side of anything else: Take the first turning on the right. | On your right, you can see the Houses of Parliament. | Take two steps to the right.
b) also the Right (singular) political parties or groups such as the conservatives in Britain or the republicans in the US, which strongly support the capitalist economic system
5 rights (plural) the freedom and advantages that everyone should be allowed to have: We must stand up and fight for our rights! | a denial of basic human rights | women's/workers' rights etc: New legislation is gradually taking away workers' rights. | equal rights (=the same rights for everyone, whatever their sex, race, or social position)
—see also: civil rights, human rights
6 CORRECT BEHAVIOUR (U) behaviour that is generally agreed to be morally correct: You're old enough to know what's right. | Some of these kids don't seem to know the difference between right and wrong.
7 be in the right to have the best reasons, arguments etc in a disagreement with someone else: Both sides are convinced that they are in the right.
8 by rights spoken used to describe what should happen if things are done fairly or correctly: By rights Jenkins should have had a promotion by now.
9 in your own right without depending on anyone or anything else: Elizabeth II is Queen in her own right.
10 put sth/sb to rights to make a place, person, or situation return to normal again: This medicine will soon put you to rights. | It took ages to put the room to rights again.
11 the rights and wrongs of all the different reasons for and against something: I'm not interested in the rights and wrongs of the system, I just want my money back!
12 do right by old-fashioned to do what is morally correct for someone: I mean to do right by her.
13 HIT (C) a hit using your right hand: He got me with a right on the jaw.
— rightness noun (U) —see also: two wrongs don't make a right wrong 3 (5) 4 verb (T)
1 right a wrong to do something to prevent an unjust situation from continuing
2 to put something back into the state or situation that it should be in: We must try to right the balance between taxation and government spending
3 to put something, especially a boat, back into its correct upright position: I finally managed to right the canoe.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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